Password policies configuration (Windows Mobile policy)

With the Password policies configuration you define requirements for the device password.



Password type

The type of password users must define:
  • Alphanumeric: Password must contain both digits and letters
  • Numeric: Password must only contain digits

Minimum complexity of alphanumeric passwords

This defines the character classes that must be used in an alphanumeric password.

  • 1: Not applicable (if selected, 2 is used)
  • 2: Digits and lowercase letters are required
  • 3: Digits, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters are required
  • 4: Digits, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters are required

Allow simple password

Passwords can contain sequential or repeated characters, for example abcde or 1111.

Minimum password length

The minimum number of characters a password must contain.

Maximum number of failed attempts

The number of failed login attempts to enter the correct password before the device is wiped.

Enter a value between 1 and 999, or 0 for no restriction.

Time in minutes until the device is locked

The time period (in minutes) after which the device is locked if it has not been used. The user can unlock the device.

Enter a value between 1 and 999, or 0 for no restriction.

Password history

The number of previously used passwords Sophos Mobile stores.

When the user sets a new password, it mustn’t match a password that was already used.

Maximum password age in days

The number of days after which users must change their password.

Enter a value between 1 and 730, or 0 for no restriction.

Allow the password grace period to be set

Users are allowed to set the password grace period.