Wi-Fi configuration (Windows policy)

With the Wi-Fi configuration you specify settings for connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Configure manually

Select Configure manually to manually configure a Wi-Fi connection.

This option only supports connections with a WPA (Personal) or WPA2 (Personal) security type.




In this field, enter the ID of the Wi-Fi network.

Connect automatically

The connection will be established automatically.

Hidden network

The target network is not open or visible.

Security type

Select the security type from the list. If you select WPA (Personal) or WPA2 (Personal) you must specify the password.

Create from existing connection

Select Create from existing connection to create a configuration from an existing Wi-Fi connection on a Windows computer.



Wi-Fi profile

Upload the profile file of a Windows Wi-Fi connection.

For information on how to create the file, see Export Windows Wi-Fi profile.