Manually assign VPP apps

You can assign VPP apps to individual users or devices.

Tip You can automatically assign an app when it’s installed. See Automatically assign VPP apps.
  1. On the menu sidebar, under CONFIGURE, click Apps > iOS & iPadOS or Apps > macOS.
  2. Click Import VPP apps.
    This retrieves the app information from the Apple VPP server and creates app entries in Sophos Mobile, if required.
  3. Click the VPP app you want to assign to users or devices.
    Tip VPP apps are marked by a check mark icon in the VPP column.
  4. Click Show next to VPP licenses.
  5. Select the users or devices you want to assign the app to.

    You can choose from all users registered for or associated with Apple VPP, and from all devices with status Managed.

    You can assign macOS apps to devices only.

  6. Optionally, assign the app to devices by selecting device groups:
    1. Click Show next to Available to device groups.
    2. Select the device groups.
  7. By default, iOS VPP apps are installed as managed on the users’ devices. To install an app as unmanaged, clear the Sophos Mobile managed installation check box.
  8. Click Save. This also synchronizes the app assignment with the Apple VPP server.

Because the status of VPP apps is managed by the Apple VPP server, it may take some time until changes that you make in Sophos Mobile are visible on the devices.