Configure synchronization of Android devices

You can configure the synchronization interval of the Sophos Mobile Control Android app.

The Sophos Mobile Control app synchronizes with the Sophos Mobile server at these times:

  • Immediately, when it needs to communicate device-side changes.
  • On request, when it is triggered by the server through the push notification services Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and, optionally, Baidu Cloud Push.
  • Time scheduled, every 24 hours by default.

If required, you can use a shorter interval for the time scheduled synchronization.

For Sophos Mobile on Premise, this is configured by the super administrator.

Warning The default value of 24 hours is sufficient in most cases. We recommend that you only use a shorter interval if the push notification services do not work in your environment. Using shorter intervals impacts battery life and data consumption and causes higher server load.

To configure the synchronization interval that the Sophos Mobile Control app on Android devices uses:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, select Setup > Android setup and then the Android tab.
  2. Under SMC app sync interval, select a value from the Sync interval list.
  3. Click Save.