Prepare DEP devices

Before you hand over DEP devices to your users, you must assign them to Sophos Mobile and assign a DEP profile to them.

  1. Open the web portal for the Apple deployment programs at in your web browser and then log in with your company Apple ID.
  2. In the portal, go to Device Enrollment Program > Manage Devices.
  3. Under Choose Devices By, select your new devices by serial number, by order number, or upload a CSV file containing the serial numbers of your devices.
    Note If you have purchased your devices from a reseller, they are available in the DEP portal within 24 hours after the reseller posts your order to Apple.
  4. Under Choose Action, select Assign to Server and then select the virtual MDM server that you have set up for Sophos Mobile as described in Set up Apple DEP.
  5. Click OK to perform the assignment.
    At this point, you may log out from the Apple DEP web portal.
You may skip the remaining steps if you have configured a default DEP profile as described in Create DEP profile.
  1. Sign in to Sophos Mobile Admin with an administrator account for the customer for which you want to manage the DEP devices.
  2. On the menu sidebar, under MANAGE, click Devices and then Apple DEP.
    The Apple DEP page lists all devices that you have assigned to Sophos Mobile in the Apple DEP web portal.
  3. If the devices that you just assigned to Sophos Mobile do not appear in the list, click Synchronize with Apple Business Manager.
    Note To limit the load on the Apple DEP server, repeated synchronization is possible only after a short queue time.
  4. Select the new devices and then click Actions > Assign profile.
  5. In the confirmation dialog, select the DEP profile you want to assign to the devices.

When the purchased devices arrive at your company, you can hand them over to your users. No further configuration is required. When the users switch on their devices for the first time, the iOS setup and the enrollment with Sophos Mobile are performed as configured in the assigned DEP profile. The devices will be supervised.

If you have selected the Assign user to device profile option as described in Create DEP profile, the users are automatically assigned to their device.