Add iOS DEP device manually

You can manually register an iPhone or iPad for the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Use this for example if you haven’t purchased the device directly from Apple or from an approved DEP vendor.

Caution The device is reset to its factory settings.
  1. Connect the device to a USB port of a Mac with Apple Configurator 2.5 or later installed.
  2. In Apple Configurator, go to File > New Profile > Wi-Fi to create a network profile for your Wi-Fi connection.
    The device requires this profile to connect to the Apple DEP registration server.
  3. Go to Preferences > Organization and click the Plus button to create an organization entry.
    Use the Apple ID and password of your Apple DEP account. Also, select to generate a new supervision identity.
  4. Go to Preferences > Servers and click the Plus button to create a server entry.
    Note You may enter any value in Enrollment URL. Apple Configurator doesn’t use the value when registering DEP devices.
  5. Select the device and then select Prepare.
  6. Select Manual Configuration and follow the wizard pages to prepare the device.
    • Select the server and the network profile you created earlier.
    • Skip the configuration of the iOS setup assistant. You configure this in the Sophos Mobile DEP profile.
  7. Wait until the preparation procedure is finished. Do not turn off the device at this stage.
When the device is registered, you can select it in the Apple DEP portal by its serial number.
Before you can hand over the device to a user, enroll it with Sophos Mobile as described in Prepare DEP devices.