Set a default customer for the Self Service Portal

As super administrator, you can set a default customer that is automatically selected when users access the Self Service Portal.

In Sophos Mobile you can set up several customers to manage different areas of your organization independently of each other. When users access the Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal, they have to select their customer before they enter their credentials.

You can simplify the sign-in experience by setting a default customer. While this is possible for all user management modes, it’s particularly useful for federated authentication: Users don’t see a sign-in page at all if they’ve already authenticated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

To set a default customer for the Self Service Portal:
  1. Sign in to Sophos Mobile Admin with a super administrator account.
  2. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, click Setup > Sophos setup, and then click the Web portals tab.
  3. Under Self Service Portal, select Default customer and select a customer from the list.
  4. Optional Turn off Visible and editable to skip the sign-in page if the user has already authenticated with Azure AD.
    Note If you turn this off, only users of the default customer can access the Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal.
  5. Click Save.