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Configure system settings
Configure IT contact
Customer overview
Create a customer
Create an administrator for the new customer
Edit customer
Configure external directory connection
To manage user accounts for Sophos Mobile Admin and the Self Service Portal in an external LDAP user directory, you must configure the connection to your LDAP server.
Deactivate customer
Delete customer
Export a list of customers
You can create reports of the items managed by Sophos Mobile.
As a super administrator you can define configuration items like policies, task bundles or apps and then transfer them to customers.
Host Sophos apps on your web server
You can host the Android apps users install during enrollment, Sophos Mobile Control and Sophos Intercept X for Mobile, on an internal web server instead of Google Play.
Configure Network Access Control
Configure portal access
As a super administrator you can configure settings that apply to all customers for Sophos Mobile Admin and the Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal.
Add custom logo
Configure file upload limits
Configure app title
Create system messages
Receive Sophos news
If you are a super administrator, you can receive news, related to Sophos Mobile, from Sophos.
Download server log files
View system health
If you are a super administrator, you can view the system health, that is, the status of the Sophos Mobile server and database.
Legal notices

About the Sophos Mobile super administrator guide

This guide describes how to carry out super administrator tasks in Sophos Mobile Admin.

The descriptions apply to on-premise installations of Sophos Mobile as well as Sophos Mobile as a Service.

For a description of Sophos Mobile Admin for regular administrators, see the Sophos Mobile administrator help.

The descriptions in the administrator help also apply to the super administrator, unless otherwise noted.

For Sophos Central, see the Sophos Mobile in Central administrator help.