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Migration checklist
This checklist is a condensed version of the Prepare for migration, Migration, and Post-migration tasks sections. Use it to track your migration status.
Device migration
The migration assistant moves your devices to Sophos Central.
User migration
The migration assistant copies your user accounts to Sophos Central.
Prepare for migration
You must complete a few tasks before you can start migration.
Prepare EAS proxy for migration
If you’re using the Sophos Mobile EAS proxy, we recommend that you temporarily turn off mail filtering until you’ve configured the standalone EAS proxy for Sophos Central. Otherwise, devices that are already migrated would be blocked.
Get your migration code
You need a migration code from Sophos to start migration.
Run the migration assistant
The migration assistant moves your data from Sophos Mobile to Sophos Central.
Update Sophos Mobile apps
The Sophos Mobile apps on all devices must be up to date before you can migrate the devices to Sophos Central.
Transfer app package files
The migration assistant might fail to migrate apps that have a very large package file. In this case, upload the package file manually to Sophos Central.
Transfer documents
The migration assistant might fail to migrate very large documents. In this case, upload the document file manually to Sophos Central.
Cancel migration
You can cancel migration before all devices have been transferred, for example if the remaining devices have been lost or can’t synchronize with the Sophos Mobile server for other reasons.
Additional migration tasks
Depending on your configuration, you must perform a few manual tasks in Sophos Central to complete migration.
Migrate Microsoft Intune app protection
If you’re using Microsoft Intune app protection, you must set it up after migration.
Migrate Android Enterprise QR code enrollment
If you’re using Android Enterprise QR code enrollment, you must create a new QR code for Sophos Central.
Migrate Android zero-touch enrollment
If you’re using Android zero-touch enrollment, you must set it up after migration.
Migrate Knox Mobile Enrollment
If you’re using Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), you must set it up after the migration.
Migrate Sophos Chrome Security auto-enrollment
If you’re using Sophos Chrome Security auto-enrollment, you must set it up after migration.
Migrate third-party EMM integration
If you’re using third-party Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) integration for Sophos Intercept X for Mobile, you must adjust your configuration after migration.
Migrate iOS auto-enrollment
If you’re using iOS auto-enrollment with Apple Configurator, you must turn it on after migration.
Migrate the EAS proxy
If you’re using the EAS proxy for Sophos Mobile, you must configure it for Sophos Central.
Migrate Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal access
To give your users access to the Sophos Central Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal, send them a welcome email with their new credentials.
Migration issues
The Preview export and Preview import pages of the migration assistant show issues that require your attention.
Legal notices

About the Sophos Mobile migration guide

This document explains how to migrate from an on-premise Sophos Mobile server or from Sophos Mobile as a Service to the Sophos Mobile product in Sophos Central.

We call this “Migration from Sophos Mobile to Sophos Central.”

We strongly recommend that you do as follows:

  • Contact our Professional Services team to see how they can help you migrate successfully.
  • Follow the steps in this migration guide.
  • Resolve any issues found by the migration assistant.

You can’t undo migration after you’ve started, so it’s important to plan properly.

Before you begin

Before you start migration, you need to know the following restrictions:

  • Your Sophos Mobile license in Sophos Central must match the license of the account that you want to migrate. For example, you can’t migrate from a Mobile Advanced license to a Mobile Standard license.
  • You can’t migrate to a trial account.
  • You can’t migrate if you already added devices to Sophos Mobile in Sophos Central.
  • You can’t select the items to migrate. If you want to exclude some devices or policies, delete them before starting the migration.
  • You can’t undo migration.
  • You can’t resume migration after you canceled it.
  • You can’t repeat migration. After you started migration, you can’t migrate the same account again or migrate another account to the same Sophos Central account.

Sophos Professional Services