Migrate to the web service interface

In addition to the RESTful web service interface that is described in this document, Sophos Mobile offers a second NAC interface that uses a custom HTTP-based protocol. It is available at https://<smc_server_address>/servlets/nac/.

That last-mentioned NAC interface is deprecated and will be removed from Sophos Mobile with a future release.

If you have implemented a connection of a third-party NAC system to the deprecated NAC interface, perform the following steps to migrate to the web service interface:
  1. Using a REST client implementation of your choice, set up a workflow that connects to the web service interface and retrieves the lists of MAC addresses for devices with network access status Allow and Deny. See NAC web service interface.
  2. Provide these lists to your third-party NAC system instead of the lists that you retrieved from the deprecated NAC interface.
  3. Using the Sophos Mobile web console, change the Network Access Control mode from Custom to Web service. For details, see the Sophos Mobile super administrator guide.
    You do not need to upload a specific certificate for communication with the web service.