The app groups web service interface

Sophos Mobile offers a RESTful web service to manage app groups. Third-party app reputation vendors can use this interface to integrate app reputation information into Sophos Mobile.

For security reasons, the web service only supports HTTPS access. Communication is encrypted with the same SSL/TLS certificate that’s used for Sophos Mobile Admin and Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal.

Sophos Mobile has an administrator role App Group Administrator with sufficient rights to create, update, and read app groups.

To manage app groups through the web service interface, do as follows:

  1. Log in:

    POST /rs/login

    You must send the credentials (that is, customer name, login name, password) of a Sophos Mobile administrator account.

    The service returns a session authentication token that’s required to access the web service resources. The token expires after 60 seconds of inactivity.

  2. Do the required requests.

    Create an app group

    POST /rs/androidappgroup
    POST /rs/iosappgroup
    POST /rs/macosappgroup
    POST /rs/windowsappgroup
    POST /rs/chromeappgroup

    Retrieve a list of defined app groups

    GET /rs/androidappgroup
    GET /rs/iosappgroup
    GET /rs/macosappgroup
    GET /rs/windowsappgroup
    GET /rs/chromeappgroup

    Retrieve the properties of the app group with internal identifier id (including the properties of the contained apps)

    GET /rs/androidappgroup/:id
    GET /rs/iosappgroup/:id
    GET /rs/macosappgroup/:id
    GET /rs/windowsappgroup/:id
    GET /rs/chromeappgroup/:id

    Update the properties of the app group with internal identifier id (for example, to add or remove apps or to change the app group name)

    PUT /rs/androidappgroup/:id
    PUT /rs/iosappgroup/:id
    PUT /rs/macosappgroup/:id
    PUT /rs/windowsappgroup/:id
    PUT /rs/chromeappgroup/:id

  3. When you are finished, log out:

    POST /rs/logout