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Last update: 2022-04-14

Layout of managed Google Play

You can define the location of managed Google Play apps in the users’ Play Store app.

The configurable layout elements are Pages and Categories.

  • Pages are named, vertically scrollable views. Pages and their names are pre-defined by Sophos Mobile.
  • Categories are named, horizontally scrollable subsections of a page that you define. In the Google documentation, categories are also called "clusters".
  • Each category is specific to a certain page, and each app appears within a certain category.
  • Pages that do not contain any apps are not displayed.
  • You can configure up to 30 categories per page and up to 100 apps per category.

For each app, you define the page and, optionally, the category in which the app is displayed in the managed Google Play Store app on the users’ devices. By default, apps are placed on a page named Other.

You configure the store layout on the Edit approved app page. See Edit managed Google Play app.

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