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App settings (Android)

For apps on Android Enterprise devices, see Settings for managed Google Play apps.

General settings

Setting Description
Name The name of the app.
Version The version that is displayed in the Enterprise App Store.

For app links, Sophos Mobile uses the version from Google Play.

App ID The internal identifier of the app.

For app links, click Get data to get the value from Google Play.

For app packages, Sophos Mobile gets the value from the APK file.

App category A category name, for example “Productivity”.

When you make the app available in the Enterprise App Store, the app will be listed in a section with that name.

Available to device groups You can make the app available in the Enterprise App Store so that its installation can be initiated by the user. Click Show and select one or more device groups for which the app will be listed in the Enterprise App Store.
Description The app description displayed in the Enterprise App Store.

You may use the placeholder %_appstoretext_% anywhere in your description text. In the Enterprise App Store, this is replaced by the actual app description from Google Play.

Install in Knox container For Samsung Knox devices, the app will be installed inside the Knox container.

This setting is only available if you have configured a Samsung Knox license.

Setting Description
Link The URL of the app in Google Play.

To determine the URL, click Go to Google Play to open Google Play in a new browser tab and navigate to the app page. Then copy the URL from the tab's address bar and paste it into the Link field.

After you’ve entered the URL, click Get data to fill out the App ID field automatically.

Settings for app packages

Setting Description
Upload a file Click Upload a file to upload the app to the Sophos Mobile server. Navigate to the APK file and click Open.

Alternatively, drag the file from File Explorer to the Upload a file area.

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