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Set up Microsoft Intune integration

To be able to manage your Intune app protection policies in Sophos Mobile Admin, you must register Sophos Mobile as a Microsoft Azure application. We recommend you use the Microsoft Azure registration assistant.

  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, click Setup > Sophos setup, and then click the Microsoft Azure tab.
  2. Click Microsoft Azure registration wizard.

    The wizard guides you through the registration process in the Microsoft Azure portal and in Sophos Mobile Admin:

    1. Create an application for Sophos Mobile in the Microsoft Azure portal.
    2. Enter the application ID in Sophos Mobile.
    3. Upload the Sophos Mobile server certificate to your application.
    4. Grant your application the required permissions.

    The wizard also contains a page to configure federated authentication. Only follow the steps on that page if you want to use federated authentication with Azure Active Directory instead of internal or external user management. See Federated authentication.

When you’ve completed the setup procedure, there is a new entry Policies > Intune app protection in the menu sidebar of Sophos Mobile Admin.