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Last update: 2022-04-14

Configure Sophos container enrollment


This feature requires a Mobile Advanced license.

To enroll devices with Sophos Mobile using the Sophos container management mode, you need to perform the following configuration steps. You need to do this for each platform (Android, iOS) for which you want to use Sophos container enrollment.

  1. Create a container policy.

    See Configurations for Sophos container policies for Android and Configurations for Sophos container policies for iOS.

  2. Use this container policy in a task bundle.

    The task bundle must contain at least an Enroll Sophos container task and an Assign policy task.

    See Create task bundle.

  3. Use this task bundle as an initial package for enrollments through the Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal:

    In your Self Service Portal configuration, select that task bundle in Enrollment package.

    See Create Self Service Portal configurations.

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