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Last update: 2022-04-14


On the People page, you manage your Sophos Mobile user accounts.

User management

When you set up a customer in Sophos Mobile, you can choose between the following types of user management:

  • Internal user management: You create user accounts in Sophos Mobile.
  • External user management: You create user accounts in an LDAP directory (for example Active Directory) and then connect the LDAP directory to Sophos Mobile.

    See Configure external directory connection.

  • Federated authentication: You create user accounts in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). When users sign in to Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal, they authenticate with Azure AD.

    See Configure federated authentication.

User details

For internal user management, the People page shows the users you’ve added to Sophos Mobile.

For external user management and for federated authentication, the People page only shows users relevant for Sophos Mobile:

  • Users assigned to Sophos Mobile devices.
  • Users assigned to Apple Business Manager apps.

Click a user’s name to view the account details.

Import users

For internal user management, you can import users from a CSV file. See Import users.

User groups

With user groups you control Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal access and available enrollment options.

To create a Self Service Portal configuration for certain users only, add them to a user group and assign that group to the Self Service Portal configuration. See Configure Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal.

For internal user management, you add users to groups in Sophos Mobile Admin. See Create user groups.

For external user management, Sophos Mobile uses the groups defined in your LDAP directory.

For federated authentication, Sophos Mobile uses the groups defined in Azure AD.

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