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Last update: 2022-07-13

Installation requirements

Check the following requirements before installing the Sophos Mobile server:

  • You’ve read the Sophos Mobile Server deployment guide.

    This document contains architecture examples for the integration of the Sophos Mobile server into your organization’s infrastructure, dimensioning guidelines, and a list of required network ports and protocols.

  • You’ve read the Sophos Mobile release notes and verified that the computer that hosts the Sophos Mobile server, the devices you want to manage, and other relevant components are supported by Sophos Mobile.

  • You have an SSL/TLS certificate for the Sophos Mobile server.

    See Request an SSL/TLS certificate.

  • No Internet Information Services (IIS) web server or other application using ports 80 or 443 is installed on the server computer.

  • The DNS name of the server computer can be resolved over the internet.
  • There are one or more LDAP groups containing the users allowed to use Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal, if your user accounts are stored in an LDAP directory.

If you want to manage the Sophos Mobile database with an existing database server, the following requirements apply:

  • Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication is used.
  • TCP/IP is turned on.
  • The SQL Server Browser service is enabled.
  • The language of the account used to log in to SQL is set to English.
  • The SQL management tools are installed.
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