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Last update: 2022-03-28

Technical reference

The core component of the Sophos Mobile product is the Sophos Mobile server. Its main features include:

  • The server is connected to the Internet.
  • The server makes it possible to set up a high-availability environment.
  • The administrator controls the server using the web interface.
  • End users can register their devices in Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal, or get a device from the administrator that has already been prepared for auto-enrollment.
  • The managed devices synchronize with the server through HTTPS.
  • You can use an existing Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database to store device and application information. Alternatively, you can let the Sophos Mobile installer create a new database using Microsoft SQL Server Express.
  • The database can reside on the same or a separate computer. This allows the use of database clusters.
  • The server supports multi-tenant setups to allow different customers on the same server.
  • Email access is possible through an integrated or a standalone EAS proxy. For the standalone variant, HTTPS access to the SMC server is required.

The Sophos Mobile server has been developed for Java EE (Enterprise Edition). It installs and runs in the well-tested industry-standard WildFly application server.

The server may be installed in virtualized environments.

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