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Last update: 2022-04-14

Upgrade a server cluster

When upgrading a cluster of Sophos Mobile server nodes, you must ensure that all nodes have the same Sophos Mobile version at all times and that the server version matches the database version.

To upgrade a server cluster, do as follows:

  1. Stop all server nodes by stopping the Sophos Mobile service on the relevant computers.
  2. Upgrade the first node as described in Upgrade the Sophos Mobile server.

    After this step, the Sophos Mobile installer has also upgraded your database.

  3. Start the upgraded server node and check that the upgrade was successful.

  4. Upgrade the remaining server nodes.


When you’re using the standalone EAS proxy, your users can access their email for 60 minutes after you’ve stopped all Sophos Mobile server nodes. The EAS proxy caches the device status when not connected to the Sophos Mobile server.

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