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Add custom logo

If you’re a super administrator, you can add a custom logo to the sign-in pages of Sophos Mobile Admin and Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal.

The following rules apply for the logo:

  • File format must be Portable Network Graphics (PNG).
  • Image width should be about 200 pixel to fit the layout of the login pages.
  • Image background color should be white or transparent to blend in with the background of the login pages.

To add a custom logo to the login pages:

  1. Prepare a PNG file with your custom logo that complies with the rules mentioned earlier.
  2. Go to the wildfly\resources\images subdirectory of your Sophos Mobile installation directory.

    In this directory, there is a file customer_logo.png. By default, this file contains an empty placeholder image of size 1 pixel x 1 pixel.

  3. Replace the existing file customer_logo.png with your custom version.

The custom logo will be displayed above the credential fields of the login pages.

You do not need to restart the Sophos Mobile service to apply the changes. However, users might need to clear the cache of their web browser in order to see the custom logo.


To remove the custom logo and restore the default state of the login pages, replace the file customer_logo.png with customer_logo.png.bak, which contains a backup copy of the original 1 pixel x 1 pixel placeholder image.