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Assign customers to configuration items

A customer can be assigned to the following configuration items of the super administrator customer:

  • Policies
  • Task bundles
  • Apps and app groups

When a customer is assigned to a configuration item, the item is transferred to that customer by link, that is, the super administrator customer's original and the assigned customer's version are actually the same item.

Because of this link, a few restrictions must be observed:

  • To edit the customer’s version of a configuration item, the customer’s administrator must make a copy of it. The copied version is not linked to the super administrator and can be edited.
  • When a customer is assigned to an app, the super administrator cannot remove the assignment or delete the app as long as it is used in a task bundle of the customer.
  • When a customer is assigned to a task bundle, the super administrator cannot remove the assignment or delete the task bundle as long as that customer uses the task bundle as a compliance action or enrollment package.

To push a configuration item to a customer:

  1. From the menu sidebar, open the relevant configuration item for editing.

    For example, to assign the customer to an Android task bundle, click Task bundles > Android, then click the relevant task bundle.

  2. On the Edit page of the relevant item, click Show next to the Assigned customers option.

  3. Select one or more customers which will be assigned to the configuration item.

    You can also deselect customers that have been assigned to the configuration item before. If a customer appears dimmed, the assignment cannot be removed because the configuration item is used by that customer.

  4. On the Edit page, click Save to assign the selected customers to the configuration item.