Privacy Advisor (Android 5)

Privacy Advisor displays information about the permissions the apps installed on your device have.

Note This section describes Privacy Advisor for Android 5. For Privacy Advisor for Android 6 and later, see Privacy Advisor.

There are three permissions filters:

  • Apps that may cause costs

    Some apps can cause additional costs. Depending on the permissions an app requests, the app may be able to call premium-rate telephone numbers, change the network state of your phone (which may cause costs when your phone is in roaming mode) or send text messages without your confirmation.

  • Apps that may harm your privacy

    Your smartphone or tablet contains private information. Apps with certain permissions can read your contact list. You cannot control what the app is actually doing with this information as you have granted the app the permission to do so. Combined with certain connectivity permissions, an app could easily send all your contact information to a third party without you having to confirm this action. Such apps can harm your privacy.

  • Apps that may access the internet

    Currently, most of the apps available need permission to connect to the internet. In combination with other permissions, this can be a huge security issue for you. Information that is sent to and received from the internet cannot be monitored. Check if internet access is needed for an app and if the app is trustworthy.

Privacy Advisor lists all apps installed on the device. At the bottom of the screen, icons for the three Privacy Advisor filters are displayed. Tap an icon to enable or disable the respective filter.

Filters can be combined so that all apps having permissions related to the filters currently selected are highlighted.

The listed apps are ranked based on how the app's permissions are related to the selected filters:
  • Apps shown in red: The permissions the app requests indicate a high risk for the selected filter.
  • Apps shown in yellow: The permissions the app requests indicate a normal risk for the selected filter.
  • Apps shown in white: The permissions the app requests indicate a low risk for the selected filter.

Tap a list entry to display detailed information about the app. The display shows which permissions the app has and what the permissions may be used for.

If you want to uninstall the app from your device, tap Uninstall.