Create Password Safe entry

To add an entry or entry group to a Password Safe file:

  1. In Password Safe, tap Plus .
  2. Select the type of entry you want to create:
    • Add account entry creates an entry with predefined fields suitable for web accounts and similar items.
    • Add credit card entry creates an entry with predefined fields suitable for credit cards and similar items.
    • Notes creates an entry for taking a secure note.
    • Add group creates a folder within Password Safe to organize your entries.
  3. Enter your data into the fields of the entry.
  4. Optional Tap Plus  and then tap Add field to add a custom field to the entry.

    If you turn on Protected for a custom field, you must tap the eye button next to the field to view the value. Also, protected fields are excluded from search results.

    With Plus  you can also add a file or a picture to the entry.

  5. Tap Done to save the entry.
You can easily use the password data to sign in to a web page or app. See Use password data to sign in.
Note You might experience performance issues when you attach large files or a large number of files to an entry. We recommend you encrypt such files with the Sophos Secure Workspace app to store them securely.