Mass-enroll Android enterprise devices

With the Sophos NFC Provisioning app you mass-enroll corporate-owned Android devices with Sophos Mobile. You install the Sophos NFC Provisioning app on one device (Master device) and then transfer the enrollment settings through NFC to the devices to enroll. The devices are enrolled with Sophos Mobile in Android enterprise device owner mode.

  • In Sophos Mobile, you’ve set up Android enterprise for the Managed Google Play Account scenario.
  • The devices you want to enroll are new or reset to factory settings and have NFC.
  1. In the Sophos NFC Provisioning app, configure the following settings:
    • Connection details of your corporate Wi-Fi network.
    • Time zone and language for the new devices.
    • Optional: The URL of the Self Service Portal.
    • Optional: Skip device encryption.
    • Optional: Skip vendor-specific setup.
  2. Tap Ready for transfer and then hold the master device and the device to enroll back to back with the NFC sensors aligned.
The device is set up and enrolled with Sophos Mobile.
To enroll additional devices, tap Ready for transfer again.