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Corporate settings

This section only applies if Sophos Secure Workspace is managed by Sophos Mobile.

By assigning a Sophos container policy to your device, your organization can configure settings for the Sophos Secure Workspace app and the Sophos Secure Email app.

Your organization can:

  • Enforce usage of an app password.
  • Define minimum requirements for the app password.
  • Define which cloud storage providers are available.
  • Configure credentials for WebDAV-based cloud storage access.
  • Configure credentials for the Egnyte cloud storage provider (iOS).
  • Block screenshots showing the Sophos Secure Workspace app or the work browser (Android).
  • Restrict the app usage:

    • Forbid the creation of favorites.
    • Forbid clipboard operations.
    • Forbid the sharing of unencrypted files.
    • Forbid the sharing of encrypted files.
    • Forbid access for rooted (Android) or jailbroken (iOS) devices.
    • Restrict usage of the app to a specific Wi-Fi connection.
    • Restrict usage of the app to time intervals and days in the week (time fencing).
    • Restrict usage of the app to a list of geographic locations (geo fencing).