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Last update: 2022-05-12

Display recovery keys


This section only applies if Sophos Secure Workspace is managed by Sophos Mobile.

If you are locked out from your computer on which BitLocker Drive Encryption (on Windows) or FileVault full disk encryption (on macOS) is turned on, you must enter a recovery key to unlock the computer and access your data.

Your organization can make the recovery keys for your computers available to you in Sophos Secure Workspace.

To display the recovery key for a computer:

  1. Tap Recovery keys in the menu to display a list of computers that are assigned to you.

    For Windows computers the list contains individual entries for each disk partition.

  2. Tap a list entry to display the recovery key for that computer or disk partition.

  3. To unlock your computer, follow the instructions that are displayed on the BitLocker (on Windows) or FileVault (on macOS) screen on your computer.
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