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Password protect files

In addition to the standard (key-based) file encryption, Sophos Secure Workspace also lets you create password protected files that are wrapped in an HTML5 format, so it doesn’t require the recipients to install any software. All they need is the password and a web browser (in Windows or macOS) or the Sophos Secure Workspace app (in Android or iOS) to access the encrypted content.

For example, this is useful when you want to share files with recipients outside your organization.

View or edit password protected files

You can view password protected files that have been created with Sophos Secure Workspace (in Android or iOS) or with SafeGuard Enterprise (in Windows or macOS).

Tap the HTML container and enter the correct password to access the files inside.

  • If the container contains only one file and viewing is supported for the file type, the file is opened for viewing. You can switch from viewing mode to editing mode and make changes if editing is supported for the file type. When you save the changed file, it is stored as a new file outside the HTML container.
  • If the container contains multiple files, select a storage location to store the files outside the HTML container. Select Encrypt to encrypt the files in their new location. After you have stored the files, you can view and edit them.

Create a password protected file


The creation of password protected files is only available if Sophos Secure Workspace is managed by Sophos Mobile.

  1. Select the file you want to password protect.
  2. Do one of the following:

    • Select Share password protected from the More More menu.
    • Select Share Password Protected from the Share Share menu.
  3. Enter a password.

  4. Choose the app with which you will transfer the password protected file, for example your email app.

If the file you want to share is encrypted, Sophos Secure Workspace will decrypt it, if possible, and then password protect the unencrypted file.

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