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Access your intranet


This section only applies if Sophos Secure Workspace is managed by Sophos Mobile.

Work browser

The work browser allows you to securely access corporate intranet pages and other allowed pages, as defined by a Sophos Mobile policy. Your organization can define a set of work bookmarks that can be accessed from the work browser. You can then add any sub-page to your personal bookmarks.

The work browser supports tabbed browsing, i.e. you can work with multiple web pages at the same time. When you start the work browser, all tabs opened in the previous session will be re-opened.

  • To start the work browser, tap Work browser on the Home page.
  • To access bookmark settings and related functions, tap More More in the top right corner of the screen (Android) or use the toolbar (iOS).


Work bookmarks

The Work bookmarks page contains bookmarks added by your organization.

Personal bookmarks

The Personal Bookmarks page contains bookmarks added by you.

Tap the Star Star icon to bookmark the current web page.

Browsing history

The History page contains a chronological list of the web pages you’ve visited.

To remove a single item from the list, swipe left or right.

To clear the list, tap Clear history (Android) or the Delete Delete icon (iOS).


You can manage your credentials for specific websites if your organization has defined the policy to allow you do so.

When you enter your user name and password, Sophos Secure Workspace prompts you to save your credentials. Tap OK to save your credentials in the credentials manager. They are available the next time you visit this page.

The Credentials page contains the credentials you’ve saved. To delete an entry, swipe left or right.


Most links in web pages are links to other pages. Sometimes they are links to documents or lists of files that can be managed via a web interface, for example, SharePoint. When you tap a link that references a document, the work browser checks for the permissions defined for the domain in question.

Your organization can define the following permissions:

  • You are allowed to view the file.
  • You are allowed to download and view the file.
  • You are allowed to download and open the file in a different application.

When you download a file, it is saved in Secure Storage. If the file is not encrypted, the local copy is encrypted with a device key.

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