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Create Password Safe file

  1. Navigate to the storage location where you want to create a Password Safe file.
  2. Tap + and then tap Password Safe.
  3. Create a master password for the Password Safe file. This password is required to open the Password Safe file.


    If you forget the master password, there is no way to access your passwords and other Password Safe data.

  4. Optional: Select to use a key file. Using a key file in addition to the master password increases the security of your Password Safe file. A key file can be any file you choose or you can create one. It must be available when you open your Password Safe file.

    Do one of the following:

    • Select Use key file and tap + to create a file, or select an existing file.
    • You can configure a key file in the settings of your Password Safe file. Tap Change Master Password and turn on Use Key File.

    Don’t store your key file together with your Password Safe file.


    You must back up your key file. Without it there is no way to open your Password Safe file.

  5. For iOS, enter the required entries to the Password Safe file.

    You can organize your entries in groups or sub-groups.

    For Android, you save the new Password Safe file first and then enter your password entries.

  6. Tap Create, enter a name and location and tap Store.

  7. Optional: Select to encrypt the Password Safe file.

    All Password Safe files are encrypted with KeePass file encryption. When you select the encryption option in the Save file dialog, Sophos Secure Workspace adds an additional encryption layer on top of the KeePass encryption.

A KDBX file is created in the specified location.