App password

App password

You can specify a password to protect Sophos Secure Workspace from unauthorized access. If you activate the setting, you are prompted to enter and confirm the password the next time you start the app. The app password has to be entered each time you start Sophos Secure Workspace.

Note that Sophos Secure Workspace uses the same password as Sophos Secure Email. Any changes to the password thus apply to both apps. When you are logged in to one of the apps, you do not have to enter your credentials for the other one (single sign-on). The password and configurations from your organization are stored in the Sophos container, which protects data used by Sophos apps on your device.

You can use fingerprint authentication to log in to Sophos Secure Workspace. However, you have to define an app password as a fall-back in case your fingerprint cannot be read.

Note In Android, fingerprint authentication is only available if Sophos Secure Workspace is managed by Sophos Mobile and if the device supports it.

Recovery password

Sophos Secure Workspace can generate a recovery password for your app password and send it to you by email. If you forget the app password, you will need this recovery password in order to create a new app password. If you forget the app password but do not have a recovery password, you cannot use the app any more without deleting and re-installing it. When you delete the app, you lose all your local documents kept by Sophos Secure Workspace and the keys stored in your keyring.

CAUTION We strongly recommend creating a recovery password. If you forget the app password, you can only reset it using the recovery password.
Note If Sophos Secure Workspace is managed by Sophos Mobile, a recovery password is not required. You can reset the app password from the Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal.

Grace period

For convenience, you can specify a grace period, i.e. a time frame within which you do not have to enter the app password again when you start the app. During the grace period, you can start Sophos Secure Workspace (as well as Sophos Secure Email) without having to enter the password again. The grace period is only valid while the app is in memory. When the app is loaded by the system, you always have to enter the app password.

When the device is locked, Sophos Secure Workspace is locked as well regardless of the grace period setting.

Set the app password

You set the app password, the recovery password and the grace period on the Settings view.

Change the app password

You can change your app password in the Login view that is displayed when you start Sophos Secure Workspace. When changing your app password, you can request a new recovery password. If you do not request a new one, the old recovery password remains valid for the new app password.