View work documents

Note This section only applies if Sophos Secure Workspace is managed by Sophos Mobile.

Sophos Mobile includes its own file distribution server which appears as an additional storage provider called Work documents.

You can use the work documents feature as follows:
  • Your organization can upload files on the Sophos Mobile web portal.
  • Files are read-only for the users: content can be viewed, but not modified.
  • Your organization can define groups of users and restrict visibility of files to certain groups.
  • Your organization can define data leakage rules for each file separately. See Corporate settings.

You are informed when new or updated documents are available in Work documents. Each new or updated file is marked as new.

If you mark files or folders of the Work documents storage provider as favorites, Sophos Secure Workspace ensures that the offline copies are encrypted, using an encryption key that is restricted to the device.

If your organization wants to encrypt files for distribution with Sophos Mobile, this can either be done on a mobile device by encrypting files in the Local Storage view of Sophos Secure Workspace or (more easily) using Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise.