Sophos Secure Workspace allows you to store files on mobile devices or in the cloud, even across multiple storage providers, and ensure the privacy of your sensitive data. In a corporate environment, you may want to access documents and intranet pages and store files, bookmarks, and credentials in a safe place.

Sophos Secure Workspace enables you to:

On iOS, you can get a menu of quick actions when you touch and hold the Sophos icon. On a 3D Touch device, you can press briefly on the icon to see the menu.

If you are using other Sophos products, you have additional options.

Customers who have Sophos Mobile can:
  • Create or edit Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files using the integrated Polaris Office. See Edit Office documents.
  • Securely access corporate intranet pages and other allowed pages. See Access the corporate intranet.
  • Securely view documents from your company. See View work documents.
  • Create and share password protected files that are wrapped in an HTML5 format. See Password protect files.
  • Manage Sophos Secure Workspace settings and cloud storage credentials.
Customers who have SafeGuard Enterprise on Windows or macOS can:
Sophos Secure Workspace shares information with other Sophos apps via the Sophos container:
  • The app password is used by both Sophos Secure Email and Sophos Secure Workspace.
  • Sophos container actions (lock, unlock, reset password, unenroll) are applied to all Sophos container apps.
  • Data and files can be securely shared between Sophos container apps.