Generate passwords

Sophos Secure Workspace can auto-generate passwords for you.
  1. In the Password Safe file, open the entry for which you want to generate a password.
  2. Switch to edit mode:
    • (On Android) Tap Edit .
    • (On iOS) Tap Edit.
  3. Open the password generator:
    • (On Android) Tap + next to the password field.
    • (On iOS) Tap the Cogwheel  icon.
  4. Define the password length and the types of characters that must be included in the password.
  5. Generate a password based on your specification:
    • (On Android) Tap Generate password.
    • (On iOS) Tap Refresh .
  6. When you are happy with the generated password, close the password generator.
    The password is updated with the generated value.
  7. Save the entry.