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The descriptions in this help refer to the latest version of the Sophos Secure Workspace app. If you’re using an older version, some features might not be available.

Sophos Secure Workspace allows you to store files on mobile devices or in the cloud, even across multiple storage providers, and ensure the privacy of your sensitive data.

In a corporate environment, you may want to access documents and intranet pages and store files, bookmarks, and credentials in a safe place.


Sophos Secure Workspace enables you to:

In iOS, you can get a menu of quick actions when you touch and hold the Sophos icon. On a 3D Touch device, you can press briefly on the icon to see the menu.

If you are using other Sophos products, you have additional options.

Sophos Secure Workspace with Sophos Mobile

Customers who have Sophos Mobile can:

  • Create or edit Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files using the integrated Polaris Office. See Edit Office documents.
  • Securely access corporate intranet pages and other allowed pages. See Access your intranet.
  • Securely view documents from your company. See View work documents.
  • Create and share password protected files that are wrapped in an HTML5 format. See Password protect files.
  • Manage Sophos Secure Workspace settings and cloud storage credentials.

Sophos Secure Workspace with SafeGuard Enterprise

Customers who have SafeGuard Enterprise on Windows or macOS can:

Sophos Secure Workspace in the Sophos container

Sophos Secure Workspace shares information with other Sophos apps via the Sophos container:

  • The app password is used by both Sophos Secure Email and Sophos Secure Workspace.
  • Sophos container actions (lock, unlock, reset password, unenroll) are applied to all Sophos container apps.
  • Data and files can be securely shared between Sophos container apps.