Addresses for alerts

This screen enables you to configure two alert related settings:

  • Specify the email accounts to which administrator alerts will be sent.
  • Specify an email account from which alerts will appear to have been sent from. This enables alert recipients to respond to an alert.

Click Configuration > System, and then click Alert configuration. By default, the Email addresses tab is selected.

Note From the Manage changes menu, click Save changes to save your configuration.

Click the Creating a template for alerts tab to create a template for the alert.

Send administrator alerts to

The Send administrator alerts to panel lists the email addresses that will receive administrator alert messages.

Click Add to enter a new email address.

Click Edit to edit a highlighted address.

Click Remove to remove a highlighted address.

Sender email address

In the Sender email address field, specify an email address to use when sending out alerts and other PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange generated messages.