Email tagging

You can specify tags (comments), which will be appended to the subject line of scanned mail.

Click Configuration > System and then click Email tagging.

Tag the subject line and add X-headers to messages

From this screen you can add tags (comments) to the subject line and an X-header for various events.

Select an option from the Subject tag location list to specify where to put the tag in the subject line.

Check the subject tag and/or X-header checkbox(es) to add a subject tag and/or X-header. You can also add the spam score to the subject line.

Add scanning details as X-headers

Select this check box to add the scanning details as X-headers. Scanning details include information such as, version of anti-virus, anti-spam engine, and so on used to scan the message.

Do not add subject tag if already present

Ensure this check box is checked to avoid duplication of subject tags as the mail goes through different PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange servers. Also avoids duplication of tags when a mail is forwarded or replied to by end users several times.

Restore defaults

Click this to restore the default settings.

Note From the Manage changes menu, click Save changes to save your configuration.