Block specific senders overview

You can create and edit a customized block list of IP addresses and known bad senders. PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange will then block or delete messages from those hosts or senders at the SMTP transport level.

Click Configuration > Transport (SMTP) scanning policy > Anti-spam and then click Block specific senders.

Host/Sender and comments display

The main panel shows a column for Host/Sender, which displays data that you have added. The Comments column is a notes field for general use.

Click Add to add a host or sender you want to block. The Specify host IP address or IP range or sender dialog box appears, see Specify an IP address or IP range or sender in block list.

Click Remove to remove a highlighted entry.

Click Import to import a list of bad hosts or senders. This list should be in CSV (comma-separated) or plain text format. A warning appears, and you can choose to replace the existing list or merge the new list with the existing list.

Click Export to export the block list in CSV (comma-separated) or plain text format.

Click Advanced. The Block list - Advanced dialog box appears, see Block list - Advanced settings. You can decide how PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange rejects messages from blocked IP addresses and, optionally, specify the SMTP response string for rejected mail.

Note From the Manage changes menu, click Save changes to save your configuration.