Change anti-virus settings

In this dialog you can configure anti-virus settings for Transport (SMTP) scanning.

Click Configuration > Transport (SMTP) scanning policy > Anti-virus, and then click Change anti-virus settings.

Scanning level

Click Normal (recommended) to scan only those parts of a file that are likely to contain viruses.

Click Extensive to scan the complete contents of a file. Extensive scanning is usually not required and should be turned on only if recommended by Sophos technical support.

Scanning options

By default, PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange scans for viruses inside archive files, including ZIP, ARJ, RAR, GZIP, TAR, CMZ, and so on.

Automatic disinfection

Click Disinfect messages that contain a virus to attempt cleaning of infected items. Note that not all viruses can be cleaned. If PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange fails to clean a virus then the On Infection event is triggered.

Scanning Actions

Select an action from the On unscannable panel's Action list.

Optionally, check the Alert administrator checkbox.

Select an action from the On application error panel's Action list. The default is Deliver message. If you change the default action, PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange displays a warning. This is because if the action is set to quarantine and if PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange is malfunctioning then it may end up quarantining all mails that it receives. Optionally, check the Alert administrator checkbox.

Click Restore defaults to restore defaults.

Note From the Manage changes menu, click Save changes to save your configuration.