Content overview

You can define separate content filtering policies for inbound, outbound, and internal mail. You can also block content based on four different events: suspicious attachment, restricted attachment, blocked phrase, or offensive language.

You need to both enable and configure content filtering. For instance, if you want to block incoming PUAs (potentially unwanted applications), you need to enable content scanning for inbound mail and configure a policy to block incoming PUAs.

Click Configuration > Transport (SMTP) scanning policy, and then click Content.

Enable content scanning for inbound, outbound, or internal mail as required. The menu bar for each direction of mail is blue when scanning is enabled, and the associated icon displays a check mark and the word ON. If any menu bar is red, scanning for that direction of mail is disabled. Click the associated OFF text or circled alert icon to enable scanning.

For details of other content configuration settings, see Change content filtering settings.