On offensive language

You can enter or import specific phrases that you consider offensive to be blocked. You can also search within attachments and choose to take action only when a specified number of phrases are detected.

Note PureMessage comes with a suggested list of offensive terms, entered as regular expressions.

Click Configuration > Transport (SMTP) scanning policy, and then click Content. On the Content filtering screen, in the On offensive language bar, click Define.

Note If you have configured the action to be Replace with text, none of the original mail text is displayed.

Phrase type

Click the String (wildcards supported) tab and enter a string, optionally using the wildcards "*" and "?". Select which areas of mail you want PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange to search.

Click the Regular expression tab if you want to enter a regular expression.

Click Add, enter the phrase on a single line, and check the relevant check box(es) to specify where PureMessage is to search for that phrase.

Click Remove to remove a highlighted phrase.

Click Import to import phrases from a plain text or CSV file.

Click Export to export phrases to a plain text or CSV file.

Optionally, check the Take action only when specified number of phrases are detected check box, and enter the number in the accompanying box.

Click OK to save your changes and return to the Content filtering screen.

Note From the Manage changes menu, click Save changes to save your configuration.