Backup and restore configuration

You can backup a PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange configuration to a specified folder. You can then restore it at a later date, if required.

  • Restoring a configuration will overwrite the existing configuration. If you wish to save your current configuration, ensure you backup before applying a new one.
  • Before you restore a configuration across PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange server groups ensure any user-specific policies, Active Directory configuration, and recipient validation configurations are valid in the new group as well.

In the PureMessage menu tree, click Configuration and click System. On the right pane of the Configuration menu, you have the options Backup configuration and Restore configuration.

To backup the current configuration:

  1. In the Configuration menu, click Backup configuration.
  2. Choose a folder.
  3. Click OK. The configuration files are saved to the chosen directory.

To restore a configuration:

  1. In the Configuration menu, click Restore a configuration.
  2. In the Browse for folder screen, select the folder with your target configuration.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the pop-up box, click Yes to confirm that you want to restore the configuration and overwrite your existing configuration.
Note From the Manage changes menu, click Save changes to save your configuration.