End user spam digest email

You can let end users know that they have spam email in the quarantine and enable them to access it.

Note This section tells you how set up spam digests. For information on how end users can deal with quarantined spam and how they can access the quarantined spam anytime directly via a web browser, see Enabling end users to access quarantined spam.

Click Configuration > Users and groups and then click End user spam digest email.

  1. Check the Enable spam digest emails to be sent to end users checkbox.
  2. Enter a subject in the Digest subject text box.
  3. Enter the body of the digest text in the Digest body text panel. Right-click to view available substitution symbols.
  4. Enter the time(s) and day(s) you want to send digests out. You can send digests out up to twice a day.
Note From the Manage changes menu, click Save changes to save your configuration.