Disclaimers overview

The Disclaimers option in PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange enables you to add specified disclaimer text to outgoing messages. Moreover, you can set up different disclaimers for specific groups within your company.

Click Configuration > Transport (SMTP) Scanning Policy, and then click Disclaimers.

Outbound Messages

On the Outbound messages bar, click the ON/OFF button so that ON is displayed.

For all Outbound Messages

Select an option from the For all Outbound Messages list. This option is then the overall policy for outbound mail. You can choose between Add disclaimer and Do not add disclaimer. For this example, select Add disclaimer.

Click Text to access the Disclaimer dialog box, from which you can edit your disclaimer, see Add a disclaimer .

Except when sender is

The Except when sender is panel allows you to exempt select users/groups from the actions in the overall disclaimer policy and give them actions of their own.

Click the double arrow to the right of the For all Outbound Messages bar to display the Except when sender is panel. The panel displays any exception policies you have created.

Add and Remove buttons

Click Add to add a new exception rule to the Except when sender is panel. Click Remove to remove the highlighted exception from the list.

Increase priority and Decrease priority buttons

You can also specify the order in which PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange deals with these exceptions. You do this by selecting the exception and clicking Decrease priority or Increase priority. The highest priority exception, i.e. the one that will be applied first, is at the top of the exception list.

You can also Change disclaimer settings.