Exchange store scanning configuration overview

Exchange store scanning scans mail in your mailboxes and public folders and allows you to run background store scanning.

Note On-access and proactive scanning options are not supported on Exchange Server 2013 and later.

Click Configuration, and then click Exchange store scanning policy.

By default, Exchange store scanning is enabled. The Exchange store scanning bar is blue, the associated icon displays a check mark and the word ON. If the menu bar is red, Exchange store scanning is disabled. Click the OFF icon or circled alert icon to enable scanning. The Exchange store scanning bar becomes blue, and the icon displays ON

On infection

Select an action from the On infection list. This action becomes the policy for infected mail.

If you select Replace attachment with text as your action, the Text link appears. Click Text to access the Replacement text dialog box. Edit the replacement text and return to the Exchange store scanning dialog box. See Setting replacement text.

Optionally, click Alert to specify whether to send an alert if a policy rule is applied. For more information, see Setting up alerts.

On encrypted attachment

Select an action from the On encrypted attachment list. This action becomes the policy when PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange encounters mail with an encrypted attachment such as a password protected file.

From the Actions menu, click Change Exchange store scan settings to configure scanning level and options, see Change Exchange store scanning options.