Trusted relays

An email relay is a server used to pass email from one point on the internet to another. Each email contains a list of the email relays it passes, including the email server used to send the email.

A trusted relay is a known email server that sends or forward emails to PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange.

Examples of trusted relays include your ISP's SMTP server and any email relays located on your network which are upstream to your PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange server(s). These can be trusted because they are highly unlikely to be the source of spam email. Servers on the trusted relay list will still relay spam email but are unlikely to be its original source.

By default PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange will run a reputation check on each email server address specified in an email. When a server is added to the trusted relay list the reputation check for that server is skipped, because the server is "trusted". This improves the email scanning speed and enables PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange to identify spam with greater confidence.

For information on specifying trusted relays, see Trusted relays.