PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange requires frequent updating of the anti-virus data and anti-spam rules that it uses to filter email.

Updating is carried out automatically by the Sophos AutoUpdate feature supplied with PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange. You can view updating status or configure updating via the Sophos AutoUpdate icon (a blue shield) displayed in the task bar.

Sophos AutoUpdate can fetch updates as follows:

  • anti-virus updates can be fetched direct from Sophos via the internet, or from a "central installation directory" on your network which is maintained by Sophos Enterprise Console.
  • anti-spam updates can only be fetched direct from Sophos.

If you use anti-spam filtering, the computer running PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange will therefore need access to the internet.

  • For information on creating central installation directories, see Sophos Endpoint Security and Control network startup guide.
  • For information on configuring Sophos AutoUpdate, see the help files in Sophos AutoUpdate.