Virus outbreak settings

If a specified number of viruses are discovered in a set time PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange can send an outbreak alert to administrators. You can use this screen to configure the definition of an outbreak and specify the contents of an alert.

Click Configuration > System and click Virus outbreak settings.

Virus outbreak settings

Ensure the Enable virus outbreak detection checkbox is checked. If this is not checked no outbreak will be detected and no alert sent.

Virus outbreak condition

By default PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange warns administrators when an outbreak has occurred. You can change the settings for this option.

Disable virus alerting during outbreaks

Click Disable virus alerting during outbreaks to prevent the administrator from receiving an excess number of alerts during an outbreak. You can then enter a number (time period) in Re-enable when no viruses are detected in specified time period (in minutes).

Virus outbreak message

Enter text in the Message subject panel. This will appear in the subject line of the alert message to the administrator.

Enter text in the Message body panel. This will be used as the body of the message.

Note From the Manage changes menu, click Save changes to save your configuration.