The Routing dialog enables you to specify your mail domains and trusted relays.

Mail domains (e.g. are required by PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange to classify inbound, outbound, and internal messages correctly. Mail domains are recorded or collected during installation, but you can also add them at a later date.

Note You need not specify sub-domains. When you specify a domain, the sub-domains are included automatically.

Upstream (trusted) relays are servers that deliver mail to PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange. They are used to determine mail direction and are exempt from reputation checks. For additional information on trusted relays, see Trusted relays.

For more information on mail direction, see Inbound, outbound, and internal mail.

Click Configuration > System and then click Routing.

Click Add to add a new domain to the list.

Click Edit to edit an existing domain.

Click Remove to remove a highlighted domain.

Click Upstream (trusted) relays to configure upstream mail servers between the Internet and PureMessage. See Trusted relays overview.

Note From the Manage changes menu, click Save changes to save your configuration.