AboutPureMessage for Microsoft Exchange

PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange is software that provides integrated gateway and messaging protection from viruses, spam and unwanted email content.

It scans all internal, inbound, and outbound email messages and Exchange server stores. It also includes threat reduction technology to protect against new or unknown email-borne threats.

You can use PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange to ensure the hygiene of messages on your server or servers.

Main features

  • Filtering at the SMTP transport level involves checking that inbound mail is addressed to valid recipients and is not from senders or servers you wish to block.
  • Anti-virus scanning is done at the SMTP transport level on inbound, outbound, and internal mail and also within the Exchange store (for example, mailboxes and public folders). It involves scanning the message for viruses and taking appropriate action, such as quarantining email or deleting infected attachments.
  • Anti-spam scanning relates to incoming mail only, and involves checking whether a message needs to be categorized as spam or suspected spam (depending on the spam rating of the message) and taking appropriate action. A spam digest email and web based spam quarantine enables end users to manage their quarantined spam email.
  • Content filtering relates to incoming, outgoing and internal messages, and involves filtering out inappropriate content or monitoring email communications as defined by your organization's acceptable use policy.
  • The Dashboard provides a real-time overview of the status of all the servers. The screen displays server status and mail volume, as well as quarantine information.
  • Active Directory integration enables the use of existing users and groups within the email policy.
  • Separate policies can be applied to inbound, outbound and internal mail flows.
  • Management reports can be generated in graphical or tabular format, enabling administrators to track trends and email policy enforcement.