Find users and groups to set up exceptions

When you create an exception to a policy, you must specify the users or groups that the exception will apply to.

To create the exception:

  1. From the Anti-virus, Anti-spam, or Content screen, click the double arrow on the right side of your selected bar to create an exception policy.
  2. Click Add. Then click Select users and groups. In the Users and groups dialog box, click Add. You are now prompted to search for users and groups.
  3. In the Search users and groups in: list, select either Active Directory or Custom users and groups.
  4. In the Name: field, enter the name of the person or group to search for. You can use the wildcards '*' and '?'.
    • Optionally, in the Description: field, enter a description to search for. You can use the wildcards '*' and '?'.
  5. Click Find Now. A list of groups and users matching your search criteria appears in alphabetical order.
  6. Highlight one or more entries and click Add. The selected entries are displayed in the Users and groups dialog box. Click OK.